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This traditional [post_title] is ideal if you are looking for something more intricate to add a period feel to your home. The detail on these moulding strips creates a pleasing aesthetic, casting soft shadow lines that provide real visual interest. Create frames from this moulding and apply them to your walls to instantly upscale your room!

MDF Panelling Board has a very simple look to it with a flat, straight edge running down, perfect for a traditional style home. These boards are perfect for creating panelling walls in a variety of patterns.

This style of panel board is available in 3000mm with 9mm, 12mm and 15mm thicknesses and a range of widths. Also available in an unprimed MDF, primed white MDF and also in a real wood oak or walnut. We offer rebated options for both cabling and pipe work to allow for unsightly cables and pipes to be discreetly hidden away.

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