Square Edge Rosette


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[post_title] is placed at the top of the upright lengths of architrave on both sides to form a more decorative or pronounced corner to the architrave. Generally, they are installed in addition to plinth blocks, and are square in shape.

The most popular rosette block at Skirting4Less is [post_title]. A [post_title], is also referred to as an architrave block is used to decorate windows and doors. They are used as a meeting point for two architraves in the upper corners. They ease the installation process of your architrave, leaving a hassle-free finish, whilst also adding detail and a real historical feel.

When ordering rosette blocks from Skirting UK, you have a few options to choose from to make the rosette block right for you. Everything here is made to order in our West Midlands warehouse, giving you more flexibility with your products.

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