Chamfer 3 Groove Skirting Board

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Skirting boards-Buy the best custom products from us

Have you noticed a board around the lower part of the interior wall? It is the skirting board, also known as the baseboard. We have gained a reputation for providing custom-designed skirting boards. Interior designers and other professional contractors can buy these boards from our team. Skirting boards can wrap the way around your room. They can cover the joints between the wall surface and the floor.

Choosing the right height of the skirting boards-
You may have already installed some skirting boards in your house. Thus, the height of your new skirting boards must match that height.

However, some houses have radiator pipes along the walls, and they need to be careful while choosing the height of the board.

69 To 94mm-
You may not easily find these heights in standard skirting boards. Based on the width of your architraves, you can order these sizes. However, skirting boards of these heights will restrict you from availing of several design options. Smaller designs are the perfect choice for these skirting boards.

121 To 171mm-
It is the most commonly chosen height for different houses. New buildings have plain skirting, which is about 120mm in height. It will help in reducing the overall construction of the house. Moreover, it is useful for managing boards and the installation process.

196 To 246mm-
In older houses, taller skirting became popular. The best options for you are 196mm and 221mm. Large detailed structures match the tall skirting boards.

More than 246mm-
A large building with tall ceilings can choose the skirting board of this height. These tall skirting boards make the interior designs more prominent.

Buy your skirting board from the best manufacturers.
We are committed and dedicated to transforming the interior space of your house with our premium skirting boards. Several skirting board designs are available for you, and it is easy to pick the right one. Our team has served several clients by providing MRMDF skirting boards. Our skirting boards are available in various profiles, including Torus, Ogee, Lambs Tongue, and Bullnose.

We know that skirting boards are one of the functional and aesthetic features of the interiors of a house. During the Victorian era, these boards have become a staple. Skirting at the base of your wall passes around your room.
Some homeowners focus only on the decorative value of the skirting boards. But, they do not know the practical value of these boards.

The specially designed boards will protect some parts of a wall.

Get the bespoke design of the skirting board.

We have designed unique skirting boards, which blend both simplicity and style. You will find skirting boards of contemporary designs. Besides, some skirting boards have a subtle square step with free-flowing curves. These versatile boards have gained the attention of several clients. We have boards of the standard designs. The profile details will remain unchanged for the skirting boards of any height.

What materials do we use for our skirting boards?

We use medium-density fiberboards to manufacture skirting boards for our clients. Construction workers and interior designers like these MRMDF skirting boards for any house. Reasonable price is surely one of the reasons for choosing MRMDF. But, there are several other reasons for preferring this material.

MRMDF lasts longer than other materials, and thus, your skirting board will remain undamaged.
The MRMDF has a smooth surface. So, the final paint finish will also be smooth. The absence of grain will be advantageous to you. Moreover, MRMDF has no imperfections like holes and knots.

Our team always chooses the densest MRMDF for designing the skirting board. You will get the premium quality product from our website. Moreover, our MRMDF has a moisture-resistant capacity.

Place your order for skirting boards and send details for customisations. Our team will deliver the products within 5 to 7 days of your order. Our shipping charge is low, and you can easily afford it. You can avoid the shipping charge by placing an order of above £500.

Additional information


18mm, 25mm


69mm, 96mm, 119mm, 146mm, 171mm, 196mm, 221mm, 246mm, 271mm, 296mm


3000mm, 4200mm

No rebate
Your order will be supplied with a square back to sit snug against the wall.

Ideal for hiding wires, cable and small pipes, our rebate option is available on all skirting boards, the rebate is cut 10mm x 10mm on the back of the board. (Available only on 25mm Thickness)

Your order will be delivered in its raw state, sanded and unprimed ready for on-site application. PLEASE NOTE all items in our express range are supplied pre-primed, unprimed option is not available for these products.

Your order will be sanded and primed twice and will be delivered ready for final undercoat and top coat on site. Having your order supplied pre-primed will save you a lot of time and is very cost-effective. Most of our products are ready for final coat on site however on some of the deeper cut profiles a light sanding and undercoat may be required prior to finishing coat.

Note:  We only use moisture resistant Mdf. When adding the primed option, Skirting will be primed on the front face and top edge, only Window boards are both side. Architrave is primed on the front face and both edges. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With so many designs to choose from, it is understandable that you might want to see a sample of our skirting board before making a decision on which one best suits your project. All of our standard skirting board samples are available free of charge, and are usually dispatched the same day via Royal Mail 1st class delivery. We also offer upto 3 custom made skirting board sample service, so if you want something more specific than the standard 18mm x 96mm x 70mm samples you can easily order it here.

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